Sunday, March 18, 2012

What I love about Sundays

Sundays are undoubtedly my most favorite day of the week. It is the one day that is considered THE day of rest and a day that can be completely quiet. On this particular day you won't be bothered by sales calls, clients, or the like. No, today is about being "off", and feeling OK about it.

As I sip my cup of coffee I think about European cultures that honor siesta and vacation, finding real value in time for pleasure. Americans, however, are riddled with guilt and rarely do we take a few moments to ourselves. Instead, today lets savor the the time. Enjoy your morning cup of joe while sitting on the patio and watching the birds. Read a delicious book that takes you away to someplace exotic, take a nap because you deserve it, and if you are lucky enough to spend time with family or friends this evening, remember to stay present and relish in the time that you spend together!

Freedom and Success

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